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FSI Cloud Hosting

Where we depart substantially from all our competitors is the extras we also provide as part of our standard package that makes us stand out in the market place like: -

a. We are the only company and Library Management System that runs and owns our own CLOUD data farm.

b. With other cloud services especially like Microsoft, Google, AWS etc you have to subscribe to a Server with specified CPU, Memory, Storage, Traffic and Volumes of usage. Exceed any of these and you pay extra. Additionally, your IT department MUST manage this server and service for you. Most importantly, you also have to do all the normal system maintenance and management. At the end of the day, instead of having the server in your school, it's in someone else’s data farm and you or your IT department manage it remotely.

c. With FSI CLOUD hosting, not only do we do EVERYTHING with unlimited usage and traffic, you will require zero input or management by your IT department. Additionally, we do all your back office daily system management freeing your library staff to service your patrons instead of managing and getting bogged down in systems and operational processes of the Library software.

d. A major point of difference with FSI CLOUD is you do not have to purchase or subscribe to any specific hardware requirement. We host SmartSuite-Library in virtual and physical CLUSTERS geographically dispersed across multiple data farms to provide you with Speed, Performance and reliability as demands grow as users access the system; very sophisticated, reliable and piece of mind for normal daily operations without the necessity of third parties like IT departments to have to call upon.

e. Most importantly, FSI CLOUD hosting for SmartSuite-Library is included at zero extra cost for unlimited hosting. It reduces issues and problems by having to rely on third-party companies, contractors, and IT departments and everyone blaming everyone else when issues arise. We are a one-stop shop and all you need on your end is an internet connection and any device with any current browser.

Nobody does CLOUD hosting for libraries better, more cost-effectively and more reliably than FSI CLOUD that’s our guarantee to you!

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