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SmartSuite v4.1 - Bringing you 'more'

More Intelligence
More Community 
More Integrations
More Insights
More Content
More Support
Faster Searching
Modern Design

A Library Management System like no other.

More Intelligence

... means a better user experience.

Imagine clicking on a Geography textbook and seeing recommendations of educational Documentaries and TV-Series on Globalisation and Climate Change. 

Imagine reading a novel like Lord of the Flies and be recommended the Movie adaptation to watch. 

Struggling to search for relevant titles for a research assignment? - What about a system that looks at the books your peers have been using all across Australia and recommends popular titles for that topic from your Library

... The future of libraries is here! 

By recommending titles that are relevant to each individual, SmartSuite v4.1 guarantees increased library engagement.

More Community

"Bad libraries build collections,

Good libraries build services,

Great libraries build Communities"

- R. David Lankes

Create community amongst your students, teachers and clients with SmartSuite v4.1. 

Every user has their own profile space to promote their engagement with your library. - Friends can follow friends and help each other to make decisions on novels to borrow or resources to view. 

Expand your reach with your own personal Influencers; each borrower in your library.

... the future of libraries! 

More Integrations

Automate your patron synchronisation with any system to streamline your user management. 

Enhance your collections reach with the ability to embed books, videos, searches and more into School Management Systems like SchoolBox

z39.50, API, LTI, SAML, OAuth
... and so much more

SmartSuite v4.1 has even more flexibility and integrations with the release of FSI's proprietary API and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI).

More Insights

Higher level insights than ever before. 

See how your library and students are trending (real-time) against other students from all around Australia. 

Connect with the community of SmartSuite administrators to share ideas on increasing engagement with libraries, content, teachers, students and more. 

More Content

Grow your library by over 150,000 educational resources overnight. 

Signing up to SmartSuite instantly connects your library resources to Australia's Largest Educational Video Library: TV4Education.

In addition, SmartSuite v4.1's intelligence, connects every book in your collection to relevant educational videos instantly as you add them into your collection.

Allowing your clients to lookup a book and be matched directly with Documentaries, TV-Series and Movies to match. 

More Support

All support initiatives are 100% included in your annual subscription. 

That means, if you call our Customer Service team, book a training, join a PD session or complete in-system training, you will never be issued an invoice...

Because it's already included in your annual subscription. 

Faster Searching

Connect your users with the most intelligent Research Gateway in existence today. 

One search can provide results from all of your library's subscriptions, as well as many free resources (out of the box). 

In addition, SmartSuite's intelligence connects every result with other recommendations: 

Click on a book, be recommended a Docu-Series.

Click on a video, be recommended the book version from your library. 

Search on a topic, be recommended content from other websites, subscriptions and databases. 

... The future of libraries

All wrapped up in a modern design

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No hidden costs
No establishment fees
No data conversion fees
No options (because it's already included) 

We keep it simple.

$880 inc GST 


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