Cataloguing made simple

Less time cataloguing means more time to invest into your clients and collections.


Integration with SCIS and other z39.50 databases.

Resource Kits

Build and track individual components of resources boxes, kits and even asset bags.


Manage your assets from loaning to stocktake and even repairs. 

Auto-cover harvester

Let SmartSuite take care of finding covers for your resources. 

Watch how simple cataloguing with SmartSuite is

Simple and Quick

Whether you are importing from SCIS or entering a resource manually, SmartSuite-Library is quick and simple.

Kit manager

Makes borrowing and managing kits easier by: 

> Collating all kit contents into one scannable barcode
> Tracking of contents not returned
> Managing of hot swapping 
moving contents from one kit to another on-the-go

Asset Register

Stay on top of your asset register and keep track of: 

> Acquisition details
> Depreciation of assets
> Asset repairs
> Borrowing history 

and more

Auto-Cover Harvester

No need to worry about book covers. 

SmartSuite's GlobalNetwork connects your collection with millions of covers instantly. 


One-click spine label printing sends all of your spinelabels for your cataloguing session directly to the printer. 

Enhance your spinelabels with SmartSuite's editor and apply colour schemes, additional info or logos to help clients identify collections. 

No housekeeping

Artificial Intelligence monitors your data for discrepancies and errors constantly working to ensure your collection is clean and ready to be searched at anytime. 

No need for you to manually run any housekeeping, audits or backups, it's all taken care of. 


What else can SmartSuite-Library's Catalogue do? 

Yes, SmartSuite-Library allows administrators to alter the field layouts to best suit your catalogue style. 

Choose from a tab-layout OR a list view to enhance your cataloguing experience. 

SmartSuite-Library can handle multi-campus and multi-faculty collections. 

Meaning textbook hire won't end up in your library collection. 

Yes, SmartSuite-Library allows administrators to upload an unlimited number of documents, images or video files to catalogue records. 

SmartSuite-Library has a one-touch integration with major reading programs such as Premiers Reading Challenge

One click and your collection is sync'd. 

For reading programs that we don't have a one-touch integration with (yet), SmartSuite has the traditional sync tools available at no additional cost. 

Get started with SmartSuite-Library today

No establishment costs, no hidden costs. 

For a limited time, selected schools will receive a complimentary subscription to TV4Education with every subscription to SmartSuite-Library. 

Unlimited training and support is included with every FSI subscription. Check out our Support Initiatives

$880 inc GST

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