Works on all devices and browsers.

No apps to install, no plugins to update. 

Just click and browse. - Simple! 

Why don't we run apps? 

We all know that if there are any hindrances when attempting to access our library collection, clients usually turn away.

With SmartSuite-Library, navigate to a URL and you're up and running.

No downloading apps.
No installing apps.
No setting up connection details.


Software providers regularly introducing new features as the demand of users increase and technology advances.

This requires regular updates to be downloaded and installed on individual devices.

In a school environment, that could mean thousands of devices downloading and installing the latest update.

With SmartSuite-Library, all updates are applied centrally. This means that all you and your clients have to do is open your browser and you already have the latest version. 

Running apps means that we have to somehow publish to our clients the correct link to download the app for the device they are using.

This could mean more than 7 different links and install procedures:
- Windows
- Apple Desktop
- Android
- iOS
- Chrome
- Safari
- Microsoft Edge

With SmartSuite-Library, all you have to do is publish one URL and your clients can access all features of the system natively on their device. 

Every function is supported on every device. 






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