Keep user management simple

You don't realise how difficult it's been until you use SmartSuite

User management has never been so simple

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Allow SmartSuite to automatically keep your patrons' details up to date.

SmartSuite supports push and scheduled synchronisation from major enrolment and school management systems. 

Your school system doesn't have the ability to securely synchronise data with us? - Not a problem.

SmartSuite's patron import facility does all the hard work for you. Present a CSV file with your user's information and SmartSuite will automatically identify the fields of information and import them into the correct fields in SmartSuite.

No downloading template files or saving complicated field mapping settings. 

SmartSuite-Library will identify when you are searching for a patron who doesn't exist and will automatically prompt you to create the user to complete your task.

User Images

Easy to sync

Simply drag and drop your school photo folder, direct from your photographers into SmartSuite-Library. 


Don't just benefit from images in circulation, add the photo's easily to reports for Overdue Notices, Top Borrower Reports or even Quiz Results. 

Personalise the experience

Display your students and teachers images on student and teacher collaboration tools such as: 
- Book Reviews
- Friendship Groups
- Collaborative Lists
- Interactive Lessons
and more

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