Faster, intuitive and simpler

SmartSuite helps your clients find resources which are more relevant to their individual needs. 

Smart Search

Lightning fast predictions occur as the user types whether they are on desktop or mobile.

Search predictions are displayed in multiple categories to allow users to accurately select the best prediction for their search. 

Search results are displayed according to their relevance to the individual user searching.

No more titles starting with "A" always being the top results, whilst those invaluable resources starting with "M" are at the bottom of the list. 

Connect your community together and allow them to:
- Review resources
- Follow each others profiles
- Receive tailored recommendations based of the social profiles

All safe, moderated and secured by SmartSuite's eduSafe technology. 

- Simple, button search for your primary users.

- Intuitive, discovery search for your secondary users.

- Guided resource search for your teachers and lecturers.

You tailor the search screen (or search screens) for your individual audiences. Give them a unique experience for their level of engagement. 

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