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Support that's accessible 24/7 from where ever you are. 

"We don't want to push our ideas and agenda on to our customers, we simply want to listen and learn from them to better enable us to guide them to a solution."

Donald Hopson-Tom - Customer Service Manager


Next generation training

SmartTraining is all about fitting in with you.

No more lengthy training sessions for faculties or admins on how to use a new system.

Bite-sized, interactive,
in-system training means that you learn whilst doing it... Not by being told.


I have found the Smart-Training System to be really straight-forward and easy to navigate.

The guided lessons are so helpful and quick to work through, I’ll often jump on if I need a refresher on certain topics before carrying out these tasks in the library.

As someone very new to the librarian role, I love the fact that I feel supported in what I’m doing and have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge at my own pace.

So far I have completed a few of the ‘beginner’ courses and have really enjoyed them, I’m looking forward to exploring some of the ‘intermediate’ courses next.

I think it’s great that the time I spend in training is saved on my FSI PD certificate and is instantly updated as I complete additional lessons.

So helpful!


Head Librarian
Primary School - Qld

Our Support


An industry first! 

Tackle all your training and up-skilling, at your leisure. 

Specially designed (short) lessons, animated and guided by the system. 

All you have to do is: 
1) Select your desired lesson
2) Click and follow along

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Phone Support

With our 24/7 helpdesk call centre, our technicians are constantly curating and assisting customers via our 1800 toll free number. 

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Email support

If you prefer to type queries with pictures and videos of the issue, our customer service team are monitoring and responding to inquiries within the same day. 

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Ticket support

FSI's mailbox ticketing system allows users to keep track of all of your inquiries with our customer service team in real time.  

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YouTube Support

Every week, our customer service team host a minimum of five live, training events to keep our entire user base up to date with the latest and greatest offerings from FSI.

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Help Article Library

If you prefer to search through for answers yourself, then our help article library will be your go to. Updated every week with step-by-step instructions, videos and illustrations. 

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Exclusively available to new users, concierge is a direct, hotline to our Customer Service team. 

We know a new system can be daunting and that's why we've worked hard to provide you with priority support to answer any and all of your inquiries whilst you're learning your new library or AV system. 

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One-on-one training

Exhausted all of our help initiatives and just need a session with one of our team members? It's free and we can organise that for you on request. 

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System A.I. training

Our system's artificial intelligence monitors what you've been doing, but more importantly, what you haven't been doing. 

The next time you login, SmartSuite-Library or TV4Education's A.I. will recommend new features and functions that you haven't yet taken advantage of.


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Numerous newsletters are available for all demographic of users without our suites: 
- Administrator weekly newsletters: keeping you up to date with the latest versions, how to's and recommended functions.

- Teacher program guides: tailored specifically to each teacher's interests using FSI's suite of A.I.'s on the best content for them to use from TV4Education. 

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FSI Community

Connect with other like-minded FSI users from all over Australia. 

Ask questions, receive exclusive access to FSI events and join events exclusively for the community. 

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