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Engagement Analytics

Make sure students are watching what they're meant to be watching, when they're meant to be watching it. 

Intelligent reporting, available at the click of a button. 

Live engagement

See who's online, watching and engaged (and who is pretending to watch but is surfing facebook or youtube). 

Topic comprehension

Add Q&A's to your videos and allow SmartReports automatically mark and analyse topic comprehension.  

Off-campus access

Track who's been accessing content outside of the classroom. 

View your lessons' reach whether you're on-campus, off-campus or in a blended environment. 

What can we report on?

How many times a title has been watched.

How many videos individual users or groups of users have been watching. 

Highest watched topics by groups (e.g. year level) or the department who engages the most. 

Which videos or lessons held the attention of the audience for the longest.

Allow your teachers to see who's currently online and engaging with their lesson at anytime. 

TV4Education's SmartReporting allows administrators to report on any field or undergo analysis on various watch, engagement, user or video statistics. 

Build your own report or access the growing library of community based reports. 

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